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When it comes to makeup, no one knows more than Sephora. We are talking here about the latest beauty trends, best products, how to apply the perfect wing liner and more. So when we reached out to Sephora’s team for consultation, we got lucky as one of their teams was visiting Jeddah for a private class. We just had to attend the masterclass!
The class was attended by Jeddah’s top beauty bloggers and editors who were all snapping and reporting on the best makeup tricks and tips. We wanted more, so we had a one-on-one chat with Julie Taing, member of the Sephora Pro team, who is based in San Diego, California.
Taing obtained a marketing degree from San Diego State University. After graduating, she decided to follow her passion for makeup artistry and auditioned for the Sephora Pro Team. She has been a Sephora Pro member since 2008 and in 2014 was promoted as the Lead Artist. Her work has been featured in top magazines such as Seventeen, InStyle and recently, H&M’s “I heart Radio Campaign.”
Taing has worked multiple seasons of New York Fashion Week with some of the most credited artists such as Kabuki, Val Garland, and Aaron De May. She has been featured in the Sephora Pro “How To” tutorials on Sephora’s YouTube channel and on Pro Picks page on
“If you don’t have much time to do your makeup, spend half of it perfecting the skin and the rest on color,” says Taing.
We wanted to know more about her personal life, her beauty career and the products she recommends, especially for women living in the Middle East.

What is beauty, according to you?
To me, beauty is unique; I don’t believe in one standard of beauty. My approach to beauty is to enhance a person’s features and celebrate their own unique qualities.

How long have you been in the makeup industry? How did you begin your journey with the Sephora Pro team?
I have been in the makeup industry for 12 years now, beginning my journey working in store at Sephora. This was the foundation of my artistry career and skill set, as I got to work with women on a daily basis. In 2008, I auditioned for the Sephora Pro Team, and the rest is history.

Is this your first time in the Middle East? What are your views on the Middle East makeup scene?
This was my first time in the Middle East and it was truly incredible. I loved seeing the amount of makeup women of the Middle East wear, especially the rich black eyeliner women adorn themselves with. I learned the traditional Arabic style of liner and its cultural significance. Additionally, women shared their techniques with me on how they perfect full coverage makeup in hot and humid climate.

Given the harsh dry climate of the Middle East, what type of primer and foundation would you suggest for (a) oily skin and (b) dry skin?
For oily skin, I would suggest mattifying primers and using skincare products that specify oil control. Benefit POREfessional Primer is great for oily skin and I would add Benefit The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible Finish Mattifying Gel on top with a sponge on certain areas as a touchup. Powder foundation works great for anyone who is extremely oily.
For dry skin, I would definitely suggest hydrating with a rich cream at night so that during the day you can wear something light. Made in Sephora instant moisturizer is a great moisturizer for the evening. I would suggest a hydrating primer such as Smashbox Hydrating primer and also using liquid foundations. With the heat, I would suggest using a translucent powder to set the makeup such as Laura Mercier translucent powder.

Brushes v Sponges — what are your views?
I love them both depending on the application. For me, I love using brushes because of the precision, detail and variety. I do love using a wet beauty blender for anyone with dryer and/or textured skin.

How do you take care of your makeup brushes?
I make sure to use a brush shampoo at night to give them deep conditioning. If you’re only using brushes on yourself then you can shampoo your brushes every few weeks and use a daily spray to clean in between. I love the Made in Sephora for shampoo and daily spray.

What are some of the common makeup mistakes to avoid?
Some of the common makeup mistakes to avoid is applying too much and/or applying with a heavy hand. When you’re looking to create flawless coverage for the skin, it’s key to build in layers to create durability. It will look more flawless and stay on much longer. Also, finding the right foundation is key. If you’re not sure what your right shade is, I would suggest getting a makeup service done at Sephora with a beauty consultant to get the right shade.

What is the one Sephora brush that you cannot do without? Why?
Sephora Pro Foundation brush #47 is a brush that I cannot do without because it gives me control when applying foundation. It’s a great brush to apply foundation, contour and cream blushes. Great universal brush with amazing results.

If not makeup, what would you be doing?
If not makeup, I would probably be a physical therapist with an emphasis on prehabilitation. I am heavily into fitness and yoga and love helping people so it works hand in hand.

Can you tell us more about the exciting new product that Sephora is launching in the Middle East?
Sephora Nuit Kajal will be launching exclusively in October in all regions of the Middle East. It’s an excellent, rich, intense pigment liner that can be worn alone or layered for a more dramatic look. It’s more of a dryer consistency so it’s perfect for the weather and comes in four shades: black, brown, beige and blue.

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