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All work has its limitations. You may not make enough money. Or the people you work with might take advantage of you. Or perhaps are not handling their work as you would like them to. But the way to steady your mind about your work is to get into your own right attitude. Which is that you are providing a service and you are meant to provide a service – both to your boss and to your client – and whatever indignities you go through are part of providing a service. If you see your work as giving, you will lighten and let go of sadness and sorrow. You will focus on the opportunity in your work to make others happy which will in turn raise your joy and ebullience. You will bring your lightness and sensitivity to your work. So be thankful for this wonder of being in the world, and sharing what you do well or are learning to do well with others. There is an expansiveness that will take over and enhance your energy, which is creativity and Eros.

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