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What is wasting your time is bringing you down without your knowing it. The fact is what is wasting your time is keeping you from what enlivens you and brings texture and joy to your life. Women often are “there for everyone” and that can mean they are not there for themselves. Really look at your life and what you can stop doing that is not adding to your life. It might be saying yes to too many people’s demands, it could be trolling the internet mindlessly, it could be television, whatever it is for you. Sit down and look at your schedule for the week. Are there many commitments that are draining you because they are not relevant to your core nature? Could you be using that time to feed yourself with art or with laughter with true friends, or with nature, or with your loved ones? Swap out what is not wholesome for you for what is. Treat your time as valuable, and as something you want to use to replenish and nurture your inner soul.

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