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Do this so you can do the things you do like to do. It doesn’t have to be for lots of money. But if you find you are procrastinating doing things you don’t like or don’t know how to do, then hire someone and get it done. This is another way of freeing time for yourself. For instance, there are people who clean closets and organize offices. There are people who help you learn social networking, people who develop websites. People who coach writing your first novel. Whatever it is. Get help to get jump-started on something that has been dragging you down. Take care of business that is gnawing at the back of your mind. Having a physical checkup. Calling someone who can help you move a project forward. Be proactive in areas that can help you, rather than only being proactive in helping others or your employer. Doing so will empower you and give you the joy/Eros of knowing you can take care of yourself and be the agent to bring happiness into your life.

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