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Having Eros is enthusiasm, pleasure, vibrancy. This most likely can only be achieved through being open to the new, to adventures and to learning new things. A new place or vista that you let a friend introduce you to. A new piece of music. Following up on meeting a potential new friend, someone who reached out to you. Letting someone introduce you to a new show. Spending the day in a museum if you never do. Going to the sea on a whim. Following a whim if you never do. Saying yes to what life offers you. If someone passes you their business card to get to know you, get in touch. If someone emails you with a new idea, consider it. Eros is in expanding your feeling/intellectual life. Eros is in new experiences and opening your life up to unexpected gifts. As Woody Allen said, half of life is showing up. You never know what is in store for you unless you step toward it. If you can count on yourself to say yes to the new, there will indeed be unexpected help, unexpected love, unexpected discovery of new parts of yourself. All of which can lead to joy.

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