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Eating sparsely will keep you not only slender, but also keep you alert. Food is a drug too and can be a way not to feel. We stuff something in our mouth rather than feel hunger or a craving for what we really are craving. Better conversation? More free time? More sovereignty over our life? Touch? Whatever is beneath the desire to eat too much, if allowed to come to consciousness, is something we can feel and heal and change so our lives are more full of Eros. We all have to eat, but keep it simple. Vegetables, fruits, fish. Try and eliminate too many sweets and breads since they are not good for your metabolism. Birds eat many small meals and fly all day. Eating heavy meals will just make you fall asleep. Eat lightly, healthily and enjoy a feeling of wellbeing. When you feel healthy and slim, you will feel more erotic and more available to engaging in life.

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