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Dress expressively. Wear a scarf to enhance a dress that you think is drab. Only wear clothes that suit you. Give away clothes that don’t flatter you. Wash your hair. Keep it well cut. Wear shoes that are attractive. Wear lipstick if you like make up. Why? Because you will feel more like yourself, your best self, and people will respond to you as if you have Eros. Show Eros in your plumage. A soft sweater. Something that enhances your best qualities. Not overtly sexual but something that keeps you in touch with your own femininity or masculinity. Smell good. Make your hands pretty, your feet. It is a way of celebrating beauty in general, and saying thank you for beauty. We all have beauty, it is up to us to enhance it. By a bright smile, a skirt that swishes when you walk, beauty that makes you feel free. It should be beauty that is effortless, and a dash of self-expression. Add that to when you get dressed.

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